Sherry Strong at the Dirty Apron

For Christmas me and Chris got my parents a cooking class at The Dirty Apron, we had been for dinner near by and popped in and it just looked like a lot of fun. We thought it would be nice for them to get out of the house and do something a little different together and of course then they would have to cook us what ever delicious dishes they learned!!!


This year they decided to become vegans and after looking into the classes they found that Sherry Strong was doing a 3 part series called Return to Food which was perfect for them! Sherry did a great job in helping them transition into being vegans by introducing them to lots of new foods. They have been cooking up Quinoa and having Chia for breakfast! Both I had been telling them about but going to the class and seeing how to do it and tasting how great they are is what they needed to give it a go. Now my mum is cooking up a vegan storm in the kitchen! Spelt pizzas, 10 bean chilli, coconut pie! its great.Image

My dad was away for the last class so I was lucky enough to go with my mum and it was so much fun. Sherry was very informative and had everyone laughing! she showed us how to make Cashew and Almond milk, Chia pudding with apple and carrot slaw, salads and wraps (which I tried at how with rice wraps! so good). Wild rice and omelette with veggies that she cooked in just a few table spoons of water! a really useful tip, I no longer need to waste time boiling a huge pot!

What I liked most was how she explained that if we went back to nature and tried to gather the food ourselves we can get an idea of how much we should be consuming! Like seeds, if we want the fruits of the plant we shouldn’t have too many and almonds are actually very difficult to collect and we should try to avoid the skin, so although they are very good for us we shouldn’t have excessive amounts. Fruits and veggies on the other hand are very easy to gather so we can have them with every meal and how many loaves of bread do you see growing on a tree?!

Sherry is going to be opening her own center in Vancouver that will have classes, me and my mum can’t wait and will definitely be there! and for anyone in Vancouver I would really recommend trying one of the classes at the Dirty Apron! You will have loads of fun!

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