Beautiful Bath Tubs!

I absolutely love bubble baths, I know some people aren’t keen on but I find them really relaxing! So much so that I often nod off, only to be woken by a splash in the face as I do the head bob! They are the best in winter when I am constantly freezing and they always smell amazing filled with all kinds of bubble baths and bath bombs! So for all you other bath lovers out there here are a few to day dream about!

This just looks amazing! A glass bath in a tropical over water bungalow, I wish I was there right now.

This nice deep one with its own rain would be so relaxing.

A fabulous stiletto tub would make a great center piece for any shoe addict like myself!

Claw foot bath tubs are my favourite type, they are so elegant and classic! Although I can’t imagine a big man climbing into that delicate little tub! I think this is more for ladies, especially with that chandelier.

This one is still very pretty but nice and big! I also like the romantic balcony and rose petals in the water!

Hopefully no hikers about for this one! I like the big window but you might feel a bit boxed in?

Another more zen sunken tub, the head rests are a nice comfy touch. 

This Pink Quartz bath costs a hefty $750,000 but looks incredible!

I like this lovely Rustic Copper tub!

This one recycled into a sofa is a fun idea!

And finally a glamorous one for pampered pooches! My Charles would love one of these!


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