Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas

IMG_2620 When I was growing up me and my best friend who is also a Sarah used to live near a lane that was lined with blossom trees. We would collect the petals to make our home-made ‘perfume’
And potions and since then they have always been my favorite type of tree.


It is now that time of year in Vancouver, the streets have exploded with pink and I love it. The cherry blossoms brighten up the city and I think they would make a stunning backdrop for a wedding! So here are some of my Cherry Blossom wedding ideas; I love the idea of having dinner under the blossom trees, I would hang candles in mason jars for the evening, can you imagine how pretty the trees would look lit up.

blossom wedding1

The desserts look amazing, you could also incorporate rhubarb which is in season, champagne with rhubarb compote is a nice twist on Kir Royals or mini strawberry and rhubarb pies for dessert would be lovely.

Here are a few other ideas:


Cherry blossom branches are unique and can add elegance and height to your flower arrangements or can be simple but pretty like the one below.  1fd38a7c594df9831efeae7fb58acf186bcb563186dbc7f50f758a1a9fb10b529499de8be5c01cd907869ca697029ded

You could serve up mini desserts like these macaroons and petit fours which are very elegant.cb559d9b21394179dea25964188792876633b34423bb67357d5b92325a5ec204ca0a2e94a3529a11129a48c6669a4ad0

I am a big fan of these finger print guest books, I think the idea of having a piece of art that was made by every one of your guests is a great idea and you could always have a regular guest book as well for all of those words of wisdom!il_fullxfull.387500354_egy7

2cdeb2cb4f70eb2bb007e469b7d39907It’s a shame that these lovely blossoms are around for such a short time, they are already dusting the streets with pink ready for the summer! so until next year ……


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