Iron Husband!

My lovely husband recently did the Ironman Canada, I can’t begin to describe how proud I am off him. He spent 6 months training for the big day which started with a 3.8k open water swim then a 180k bike ride and then to top it off a 42k marathon.


It was amazing to see all of his training pay off, sometimes you think it would be impossible to complete something of that magnitude or that the people doing them must be super human to start with but after seeing Chris’s progress I now understand that it’s more about pushing your body. Although granted when Chris started out he was in shape, he certainly wasn’t doing the full distances. His first bike ride was 17k and I went to collect him, then it was 32k and so on until 180k. It was the same with his swimming he started out doing lengths in a 25 meter pool near our house, then we found a 50 meter, then kits outdoor 130 meter pool and then the sea with an open water swim class. So it’s just about starting out doing what you can and building it up from there. You see so many incredible videos on you tube of some of the competitors and it is really moving, like the 77 yr old woman crossing the finish line at the world championship IM in Kona along with an 82 yr old man, a father and his disabled son, I have to say anyone who tackles one is a very inspiring individual.


It was a great day and such a thing to see, Chris’s mum flew out from the UK which was lovely and all my family came up to whistler to support him along with some of our friends. The swim was stunning, mist was rising off the water and the sun was shining, the 2000 athletes set off at the same time which looked like a frantic flock of crows. The bike course was fun to watch, it’s crazy how fast they go and cheering on the runners was one of my favourite bits! When you see the person you are supporting it’s so exciting almost like seeing a celebrity lol! We had banners, signs and t-shirts you would have thought we were waiting for One Direction to run past!


After all of that hard work and a very long day, Chris finished with a great time of 11 hours and 35 minutes and after declaring he was never going to do another one as he inhaled a large poutine and burger, a week later he was of course signed up for another. Ironman Cozumel in December! My parents are coming along as well, it’s going to be amazing. His training takes a lot of commitment and motivation, I really feel for him when he has to leave the house at 7am and do a 5 hour bike ride or when he has to go for a run in the rain and that he can’t have a drink on a Saturday night but then again Vancouver is a gorgeous place to train. He is able to bike from the house to squamish and back, swim in the prettiest outdoor pool I have ever seen and run around the sea wall at Stanley park. So really he is very lucky and he is the kind of person that needs to be doing something active or he would go crazy. Chris is 6’4″ much bigger than me at 5’2″ and a recent VO2 test showed that he needs 4000 calories on a regular working day so when you add in all of that training he needs a massive amount!


That is where my role as a supporter comes in, obviously it is much less work but as any other spouse or supporter will know it still takes a lot of commitment. Luckily because we just started trying for a baby things worked out well, we both gave up drinking which means you don’t feel like one of you is missing out. I keep fit and keep him company by going swimming with him, I hop on my bike so I can join Chris when he runs and hold all of the water supplies in my basket like a moving aid station and I generally sleep in while he does his big bike rides 🙂 but I am on call for any flat tires or pick ups. I also try to make his days a little easier by cooking up healthy meals to make sure he is eating properly and getting enough calories. He now usually eats 2 main meals per night! I will add some of the recipes to my blog for anyone training that is also dairy and gluten-free.

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