A bun in the oven

IMG_3691 croppedWell its been a little while since my last post and the reason is that I have been busy cooking up a…..baby! We are so excited to be 5 months along with our little bundle of joy and we have been super busy reading up on everything that you need to know before having a baby and it is a lot! But it is also a lot of fun, just when you have gotten one thing figured out such a cloth nappies v disposable you are then onto the next thing, like the best way to carry your baby in a sling, or a carrier or our arms! and the list goes on.


I am going to put together a downloadable e-book for tips that might help you to conceive with endo. I followed some specific things and I really think they helped as we were lucky enough to get pregnant, which was a big relief because getting diagnosed with endo can be quite scary, especially with how much is written about endo and infertility. My e-book will take the scariness out of ttc with endo and I will include lots of recipes for Gluten Free and Dairy Free expectant mums such as my amazing morning smoothie which is a great way to begin the day and my gingerbread muffins that helped when morning sickness was getting the better of me.


That is the baby’s foot above! Can’t wait for April!!

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