Dairy Free Custard


With summer coming to an end and the cold weather creeping in, I have stated craving all kinds of comfort foods, although that could be my pregnancy cravings! My favorite comfort food has to be custard, it makes anything its poured on so much better, sticky toffee pudding, rhubarb crumble, cherry trifle. So here is my dairy free custard recipe which is rich, thick and creamy with a hint of vanilla bean, its just lovely Continue reading

Rudolph the red nose reindeer cupcakes

327972_10150546667707577_2140301681_oMy youngest brother Gabriel loves Christmas, we always make extra special recipes like decadent hot chocolate spiced with cinnamon, vanilla bean and nutmeg then we put on a Christmas movie and bake something fun. This Summer my parents and Gabriel moved back to the UK so I really miss having him around. I was thinking about him this week as we would usually be cooking up something new so instead I decided to put up our favorite Christmas recipe. Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Latte

IMG_4506.PNGI think everyone knows fall has arrived when pumpkin spice lattes hit Starbucks! I realized when I walked into our village the other day and the heavens opened! As my flats filled with water,I passed Starbucks and saw the PSL sign. I then cursed myself for not picking up on this sooner and also for leaving the house without an umbrella or even a coat with a hood!  Despite getting caught in the rain, I actually really do love fall. The landscape in Vancouver turns stunning shades of crimson, we still get some bright crisp days, its okay to have pajama days and Pumpkin Spice can be added to everything!! Continue reading