Union Jack Designs

Living away from home has made me love the UK even more, I thought the Jubilee was wonderful and the Olympics were amazing! So I have decided to do a post on some of my favorite Union Jack pieces. I can’t wait to go home this Christmas, I will be going to my favourite shops and bringing back something pretty and patriotic! If I could get all of the things below in some kind of Mary Poppins bag it would all be coming back to Canada with me.

I love all of the cushions below and how cute is that sleepy dog!

This wall and chandelier would look great in a restaurant.

This set of draws would be a nice focus piece in a guest bedroom, I like how everything else is pretty neutral that way it doesn’t seem to loud.

All of these would be adorable in the kitchen!

Chris’s mum sent over these oven gloves which I love!

I would like to attempt making this cake.

This jubilee cake is amazing!

And of course some Fashion! I think that dress is gorgeous! it makes me miss the summer.

The Jacket and welly’s would be very stylish for a countryside stroll! 

Then you could match it with these heels and a purse for the pub! In my head I am imagining wearing all of these! 

I saw in the news a while ago that people were complaining about a town mayor wearing these shoes and they demanded that she resign, complaining that she was ‘wiping her feet‘ with the flag which I think is ridiculous! They are very patriotic and just like all of the other items, we buy and wear them because we are proud to be British! You just can’t please some people I guess. 

And lastly, how lovely is this, a little village turned their phone box into a community book exchange! Much nicer than the phone box at the end of my road which some people used as a urinal!!

Ahhh well! that’s my window shopping done for the day!

Beautiful Bath Tubs!

I absolutely love bubble baths, I know some people aren’t keen on but I find them really relaxing! So much so that I often nod off, only to be woken by a splash in the face as I do the head bob! They are the best in winter when I am constantly freezing and they always smell amazing filled with all kinds of bubble baths and bath bombs! So for all you other bath lovers out there here are a few to day dream about!

This just looks amazing! A glass bath in a tropical over water bungalow, I wish I was there right now.

This nice deep one with its own rain would be so relaxing.

A fabulous stiletto tub would make a great center piece for any shoe addict like myself!

Claw foot bath tubs are my favourite type, they are so elegant and classic! Although I can’t imagine a big man climbing into that delicate little tub! I think this is more for ladies, especially with that chandelier.

This one is still very pretty but nice and big! I also like the romantic balcony and rose petals in the water!

Hopefully no hikers about for this one! I like the big window but you might feel a bit boxed in?

Another more zen sunken tub, the head rests are a nice comfy touch. 

This Pink Quartz bath costs a hefty $750,000 but looks incredible!

I like this lovely Rustic Copper tub!

This one recycled into a sofa is a fun idea!

And finally a glamorous one for pampered pooches! My Charles would love one of these!


Great Under The Stairs Ideas

My soon to be sister in law posted this adorable play house idea picture recently and it got me thinking about other fun uses for that space under the stairs. I think Harry Potter gave it a bad rep but they are actually a really good place to get creative.

The Play House

And Another

A Powder Room

A homework Area

An Office

Wine Storage

A Library

I love this kitchen

Tea and Toast Area

A Dog House, I think the little one is the boss!

And here are some lovely storage ideas

Hope you liked them! 🙂